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Mold and Indoor Air Quality Inspection & Testing with Instant Results

Mold & Air Duct pros uses InstaScope, the only technology of its kind on the market, to analyze your Indoor Air Quality. Our Healthy Home Inspectors could help to identify a person’s risk exposure to mold, viruses, bacteria, and pollen. Because mold spores are not visible to the “naked” eye, travel through buildings with the air flow, and can grow behind the walls and inside the air ducts, it’s important to analyze the air you breathe in each room, and not just where the mold growth is visible. Typically after a home or building inspection, it can take days for the lab results to come back. But with Mold & Air Duct Pros we can evaluate airborne biology instantly and generate reports on-site! No more waiting!

Mold Testing & Inspection

Mold Inspection & Testing

A Healthy Home Starts With Healthy Air

Due to the weather and building conditions in Northeast Ohio, mold is a constant threat to many homes and businesses. Mold Inspection and Testing appointments are filling up fast, so please contact us for a Free Consultation Now. 

Check more rooms for less money and save time with our on-the-spot Instant Testing Service! Same day report provided.

Why Testing for Mold Matters

Avoid Property Damage and Health Risks Caused By Mold

Mold exposure can lead to serious health issues, including allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems. This makes mold inspection and testing a critical service for homeowners and businesses alike. Mold & Air Duct Pros specialize in identifying and mitigating mold risks through comprehensive mold inspection and testing and mold inspection and removal services. Our team uses advanced techniques for air duct mold testing to ensure that your indoor air quality is safe and free from mold spores. Neglecting mold issues can lead to significant property damage and health risks. It’s essential to address these concerns promptly with professional mold inspection and removal services. By choosing Mold & Air Duct Pros, you’re not only safeguarding your property but also ensuring the well-being of everyone who occupies the space.

Mold Testing & Inspection


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What Our Customers Are Saying
5-star review

“Very easy to work with, results were quick, extremely professional and able to get the task at hand complete!”

– Denise S.

5-star review

“We hired Mold & Air Duct Pros to inspect our house for mold. Steve was professional and knowledgeable. Very happy with the company, would refer them to friends and family.”

– Nathan Z.

100% Mold Remediation Service Guarantee

We stand with our customers when we perform a mold remediation project. So much so, that we offer a 100% Mold Remediation Service Guarantee! 

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