Selling a Home With Mold

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Selling A Home With Mold

(An article for Realtors) 

According to a study of residential homes in the United States, 33 percent of them are affected by mold or mildew. There are estimates that say that in the U.S. there are more than 138 million residential homes. That figures out to more than 45 million homes.

How could mold in a home your client is buying/selling affect your ability to close the deal and collect your commission?

The answer is to know if a problem exists before the negotiating begins. Instant Mold Pros can provide that answer. We are MICRO accredited Certified Mold Inspectors, IICRC Certified Mold Remediation experts, and Lead-Safe EPA registered firm.

Other companies do their testing then send their findings off to a lab. Days later, the results come back. Why wait? Our test results are instantaneous and can be viewed by you and your clients in real-time. There is no waiting for lab results for days or weeks. That means that you will know immediately if there is a mold issue.

If your client is selling their home, they will be able to correct any issue before the home is seen by buyers. If your client is buying the home, they will know if a problem exists before they sign on the dotted line and you can then help them to negotiate appropriately.

Mold can hold up the sale of a home!

Why wait until closing time to find out there’s a problem? We want to establish a long-time working relationship with you that can help save your sale and your paycheck.

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